Plenary conferences:

Volker Haucke (FMP, Berlin, Germany)

Control of presynapse assembly and function by autophagy and the endo-lysosomal system

Sara Sigismund (IEO, Milano, Italy)

Endocytosis and interorganelle communication: connecting EGFR signaling to cell metabolism

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Best Conference Awards

Aurore Claude-Taupin

University of New Mexico, USA

Alexandre Pierga

Hôpital Pitié Salpétrière, Paris, France

Camille Lemaigre

UC Louvain, Belgium

Laura Streit

INCI, Strasbourg, France

Best Flash Presentation Awards

Maura Samarani

Institut Pasteur, Paris, France

Arthur Bienvenu

IRIM, Montpellier, France