Club Exocytose-Endocytose Thesis Prize 2024 

The Club Exo-Endo is pleased to announce that the Thesis Prize of the Club Exocytose-Endocytose 2024 has been awarded to Rayane Dibsy for her PhD work entitled « Role of F-actin cytoskeleton in HIV-1 assembly and release from infected CD4+ T lymphocytes» and performed under the supervision of Delphine MURIAUX and Cyril FAVARD at the "Institut de Recherche en Infectiologie de Montpellier (IRIM-CNRS)". 

I warmly thank the board members of the club who evaluated the applications. Congratulations to all the other candidates who all presented high quality work.

Rayane is invited to present his work during the next annual congress of the Exo-Endo Club which will take place in Sète from April 4 to 6 2024.